What Sucessful Entrepreneurs and Puddles Have in Common

10 Jul

It think that this also hold true for our lives. Take time to reflect after major life events. Find the lesson in the crazy situations that you find yourself in. Is it You?????

Determined to Implement

Small puddles of water on a smooth clean surfa...

Have you ever finished up one project and charged on to the next big thing without a second thought?


It happens all the time – we check off our daily and weekly to-do lists with the speed of a cheetah.  You have decide what needs to get done, you do it, and move on!

If you find yourself trapped in this cycle – you are not alone.


Successful Entrepreneurs and Puddles

In order to break free of this cycle of tasks and prioritized list you must add another step, the step that unleashes your true power as an entrepreneur.  Wanna know what successful entrepreneurs and puddles have in common.  They both reflect!

Puddles are a collection of water droplets, or ideas that have settled in one central location (for a common purpose).  As the water settles, some things sink to the bottom (the ideas that didn’t work) and…

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